About Dr. Lange

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Dr. Michael P. Lange, OD, CNS – The Founder

Dr. Michael P. Lange, OD, CNS, founded Fortifeye Vitamins in 2005 as he was not satisfied with the typical vitamins and omega three supplements that were available over the counter. We make products with the right ingredients, right science, right for you. When Dr. Lange is not seeing patients, he is active in Motocross, racing cars, and weightlifting. 

Our Passion

The Fortifeye team consists of doctors that are involved in research and development of nutritional fitness supplements and total wellness supplements. We are passionate about continuo9usly bringing you the very latest research to our supplement line. We are extremely passionate about developing the latest in pre-workout and post-workout supplements.  

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We are the Nutrional Supplement Sponsor of the 2022 PCA Body Building Association

Ultimate in Nutrition

We are the ultimate nutrition for the professional or amateur athlete, the weekend warrior, or anyone wanting to get the most from their workouts. Our products were developed by doctors that understand the importance of pre-and post-workout nutrition. Please reach us for more details.

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